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We’re new here, too, so here’s what we’re thinking of doing.

by | 01/09/2015

Once a week, we’ll share something interesting that will take you about five minutes to read. It could be about what one of our clients has recently wowed us with. It could be something about life in our chaotic and loveable office. It could be an insight into the latest and greatest in design, digital technology, words or video. We’ll play it by ear, and see what works best.

In case we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, you can get to know the Agency team quite well by reading a little bit about each of us and browsing through some of our workFour important things about Agency that you won’t learn on this website are:

  1. We’re excited that another social business – a cafe called Gratia – has just opened around the corner from our Sydney office. They make next level pita wraps.
  2. We use colourful KeepCups for coffee at Sync (our morning meeting). We really don’t want our prints on too many of the 1 billion coffee cups that get binned in Australia every year!
  3. Scott, our Sydney Managing Director, listens to a playlist of rain sounds mixed with Bon Iver to boost productivity.
  4. Five of us have Skyped with Edward Snowden. You’re right, this requires explanation. Let’s talk 🙂