Effective videos on a not-for-profit budget

Here’s the long and short of it: video is the most effective type of marketing content available to organisations.

by | 01/11/2015

If you want to reap the benefits, here are three tips for creating engaging video content for your organisation:

1. Use what you’ve got.

Chances are you’re already creating social media content, or have an EDM strategy in place. The next step is to add targeted and helpful video content into what you’re already doing to start seeing results.

It can be as simple as a quick video of a key figure from your organisation shot on your iPhone. Our NSW Premier is leading the way with simple, effective content in his ‘Baird’s Eye View’ series. Or why not see how your design team feels about adding some animation to still images (check out isthebudgetfair.com)? These animations hold a viewer’s attention and can lead to a higher click-through rate on your call to action.

2. Be who you are.

Video is as much part of your organisation as every bit of design or language you present. Messaging and tone of voice is hard to nail down, but so important in reaching your audience. How can you expect to engage with your audience if you don’t speak like them? In video terms, this means knowing what your organisation sounds like, looks like and what stories reflect your identity.

Here’s a great example from a video we made for Amnesty International Australia:

3. Strategy breeds success.

If you’re already using video but not seeing a significant return on investment, maybe you need to assess how your video content fits into your campaign. We’ve seen some organisations launch with gusto into video production, without really considering where it fits with their objectives. Make sure you plan meticulously for your campaign, and have video on the table in your early planning.

One final thought: Don’t let budget get in the way! Get creative and find ways to bring your stories to life on a small budget. Sometimes, these authentic pieces will outperform the highest budget productions.

Getting all inspired? We’d love to talk video with you.