Why did we do it?

Agency has recently become a certified B Corp. Celebrate! ‘Celebrate what?’ you ask. Here’s what being a B Corp means and how it makes Agency a better business.

by | 02/12/2015

B Corps are companies certified by a nonprofit called B Lab. To be a B Corp a business must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

We completed an assessment that measured us in great detail in all the above areas. The assessment covers everything from governance to ownership of the business, dissemination of profits, social and environmental initiatives and diversity in hiring – as well as a whole lot more. You can find out more about the process here.

Agency’s focus – like B Lab’s – is on something bigger than just doing business in the traditional sense. Our success is not measured by revenue alone, and it’s not celebrated through bonuses.


At Agency, we want our business to be shared, to go the distance, to be prosperous – but we don’t want that at the cost of the environment, our staff, or society more broadly.

While our business model enables us to pay our brilliant staff, dollars aren’t our sole driver. Our success is measured in the positive social and environmental change we facilitate through campaigns that we equip our clients to run and win.

You may or may not know that Agency is a social business. For almost seven years, we’ve been doing a lot of the things that B Corp requires:

  • We’ve got a constitution that legally binds us to several requirements, including ensuring our profits are not distributed through bonuses or dividends.
  • We’ve spelt out our commitment to projects that value human rights, sustainability and human development.
  • We focus on transparency in the daily running of our business, and have used our profits to fund the creation of products that will enable our clients to do their best work.

Becoming a B Corp was a formalisation of the work and values that have been part of who we are from the beginning.

But while we’ve been committed to these goals for a long time, we’d never been measured by an independent third party. We’ve invited that assessment through B-Corp because we know there are always things that we can be doing better.

This certification allows us to be part of a community dedicated to a common cause, while ensuring that review, benchmarking and reporting on our social impact become business as usual.

We’re excited to be a certified B-Corp and to be part of something much bigger than us. If you think your business could take the steps to join us in the ever-increasing crowd of companies for-good, check out their website here:


B Corporation website