In honour of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d see what it looked like for Agency to have a #DayWithoutAWoman.*

We’d lose
50% of our total staff
60% of our design
& digital teams
60% of our accounts
100% of our finance team (oops)
20% of Ventures
Sophie only just started! Soon: 📷
75% of our associate to midweight staff
33% of our senior staff
33%Something we really need to change of our executive team
55% of Slack messages, incl. the
24%An all time total of 102,205 so far of our total written by Lara alone
Slack (And all our organising) would be nothing without Lara
33% of GitHub commits across our Digital & Ventures teams (Including a 20% average from Katia across Feb) GitHub
~640 hours logged every two weeks
65% of all billable client hours

As you can see, Agency simply wouldn’t be Agency without our team of kick-ass women. While we don’t nail all elements when it comes to gender equality – we’re looking at you, executive level staffing – we’re always looking to improve and are inspired by our many clients leading the charge.

To that end, huge thanks to our team and clients both.
And happy International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day

*This page was inspired by the US action A Day Without A Woman established in the wake of the women’s marches that happened around the world on Jan 21. Data is based on recent averages from Slack, GitHub and our project management tool Milestone.

PS: while women in our Sydney team will be fighting the good fight from the office throughout the day, our NYC team will be wearing red and heading to Central Park at 12pm if you’d like to join us.

PPS: we’re always hiring! If you’d like to be part of making our team better you could apply for our latest role of Account Executive in Sydney, or head over to our jobs page.