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Murray Bunton

Executive Director, Sydney

If it weren’t for his considerable lack of skill in the sporting arena, Murray would be your quintessential Renaissance man. He studied psychology, physics and ancient Hebrew at the University of Sydney, holds a Masters in Economics and represented Hong Kong in debating. All of which perfectly equipped him for a career in design. Obviously.

Ever since Murray started this company in 2004, working out of a garage with two Ikea desks and a reasonably legal copy of Photoshop, he has been on a mission to bring social good into the digital age. With more than ten years of experience working with leading humanitarian organisations, Murray has grown a one-person design studio into a creative team of twenty spanning two countries. Murray embodies Agency’s raison d’etre: helping clients discover the right idea, actionable strategy, with a clarity of design and voice to communicate well.

Murray leads the team at Agency, with a specific focus on growing Agency’s creative services in America, and developing our fundraising platform.

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