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Rohan Porteous

Creative Director, New York

Rohan is one of Australia’s top creative campaigners and a driving force behind our strategy, brand, design and video work. From multi-million dollar fundraisers to groundbreaking political campaigns and dozens of targeted rapid response projects, he has led the team to create many winning campaigns.

Before joining Agency he worked at small studios and large production companies, with his passion for social change taking him from Papua New Guinea and Rwanda to Denmark and, finally, Make Believe (one half of Agency’s original DNA), where he first realized doing good could actually be a full time gig.

Now heading up our office in New York, he’s using his experience to elevate the impact of our clients stateside. Having delivered multiple projects for the UN, Avaaz, Mozilla Foundation, Amnesty International, Change.org, SumOfUs and more, he’s seems to be doing OK with it so far.

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