World VIsion · 40 Hour Famine

Rebranding a timeless icon

For forty years the World Vision 40 Hour Famine has been an institution in Australian schools. A call to action for fundraising, and a powerful reminder of the preventability of famine around the world. But being forty years old doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel as good as new.

It was time for an update.

Within the broader family of World Vision, the Famine logo needed to sit simply among all the overarching assets. Early concepts explored simple typographic treatments that would support the master brand.


The final brand kept the familiar Gill Sans typeface, sneaking in some small changes to the numerals. The ticking clock of the zero becomes a timely reminder of the countdown, while the simple application means an animated profile photo can deliver the moving brand. Finally, the rollout of the design, both in print and online, kept the brand strongly in line with the World Vision look and feel.

The marque is unmistakeably part of the World Vision family, without imposing too strong an ownership. This, in turn, helps World Vision draw the connection between Australia’s best-known youth fundraiser and one of Australia’s best-known charities.

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