Amnesty · Business Giving Site

Engaging businesses for social impact

We’re pretty passionate about business as a vehicle for social impact, if you hadn’t noticed. It’s how we set up Agency, and was why we were really excited when Amnesty International Australia approached us to create a page that gives businesses options for supporting human rights work.

The quality and presentation of Amnesty’s existing business-focused online content wasn’t quite up to scratch, and they wanted a thorough re-examination of the site’s communications, the user experience, its device responsiveness and broad functionality.


When there’s not a single call to action but a number of ways businesses can be involved, how do you make all options stand out while not overwhelming the user? We created a subtle vertical line element throughout, and used this yellow styling to bracket the core areas of focus.

If you’ve got a business and have been thinking about how to engage more positively with the community and the world around you… then this might be a good place to start.

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