Baptist World Aid · Child Sponsorship

Every sponsorship is part of an incredible story of change

Child Sponsorship is the largest funding stream for Baptist World Aid Australia (BWAA). While BWAA have seen growth in their sponsorship product, they have also seen reducing rates of regular giving across the industry, and more and more organisations offering similar products. BWAA saw a need to better differentiate their work and showcase why their audience should choose to sponsor through them. That’s where we came in.

Summing up Sponsorship

As a part of a broader communications overhaul, Agency was asked to consider an overarching concept to invite people to Child Sponsorship, and sum up an approach that reflected BWAA’s core values, and core audience. We honed in on the vast collection of stories of remarkable change from BWAA projects and found our inspiration. A storytelling approach, centred on a key tagline, gave BWAA a focal point from which to reset their product offering while showcasing their deep connection to their Christian audience in Australia.

‘Be part of an incredible story’ is at the heart of a concept that draws audiences in to play their part in something bigger, while ‘incredible story’ specifically provides a subtle reference to ‘the greatest story ever told’ – hi there, Jesus – providing not only a handy reference point for our target audience, but a link to Jesus’ call to care for the vulnerable. The story thread also allows BWAA to weave a story from the user, through BWAA and its local Christian partners, to the child and community.

Once the concept, and tagline were set, we crafted a framework by which BWAA could roll out consistent, story focused communications. BWAA is strongly committed to a development approach that upholds the autonomy and dignity of the people with whom it partners, so a key part of this messaging approach was to subtly shift more traditional customer-as-hero language, into messaging that gave primacy to the child themselves. For example, our recommendation to shift in messaging from ‘Sponsor Phonsavan today,’ to ‘Join Phonsavan’s story’ not only connected with a storytelling approach, but also ensured that from the outset of sponsorship the child remained the main character in their own story.



Fun on the outside, sensible on the inside

In developing the style of Child Sponsorship, BWAA wanted us to find that balance between the optimism of the product and the realities of the circumstances covered. This led us to illustrations that take on a childlike feel, but head more towards a representation of what they do (with a focus on clean water, food, healthcare, education and support services, etc) rather than whimsy.


With a great update, comes great possibility.

As always, we wanted to make sure that the brand was as extensible and practical for the BWAA team as possible. This meant being aware of all bespoke materials they use on a daily basis, and developing the collateral accordingly. A custom typeface was created for consistency, backgrounds and patterns were designed to be flexible and easily adjustable. Every asset fits nicely alongside the existing BWAA brand so integration is seamless, no matter where they’re presented.

‘Agency have been an excellent partner as we reset our digital strategy and executed a complete redevelopment of our brand website. Despite the complexity, the project was tightly managed. The end-product is widely loved and is a result of Agency’s creativity, expertise and genuine care.’

Greg wood, Baptist World Aid Australia Marketing Manager