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A week of racism in your pocket

How do you awaken Australians to the persistent racism that 1 in 5 people experience everyday? Drawing on research from the University of Western Sydney and the University of Melbourne, we put our heads together to meet the challenge and decided to make something, well, offensive…

Australia’s only anti-racism charity had a small staff team, and needed to make an impact. With strong academic connections, they knew that bystanders could respond better when they came across incidents of racism.

We developed a novel app – an app that’s racist to its users – and helped secure funding for its development. A test of endurance, the app sent texts, played videos and exposed the user to the everyday racism that some in our community face. It prompted people to respond, and in so doing educated people about ways to intervene.

2014 Intercultural Innovation Award

‘The first step is recognising racism, acknowledging it exists and that people experience it from a young age’

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