GetUp! · Brand Evolution

Using a moment to rebrand a movement

With more members than every Australian political party combined, GetUp! wanted a brand refresh to carry them into the 2013 election. Little did they know it would carry them far beyond.

From little things…

GetUp! was founded in 2005, and launched with a brand that served them very well. It was catchy. It was bold. It was a name unlike much else in the Australia progressive landscape and, well, it had an exclamation mark! From their relatively unknown team made up of a handful of campaigners to the country’s leading digital advocacy organisation it saw them through a huge number of powerful political wins and cutting-edge creative campaigns.

The website that GetUp! launched with in 2005, and the logo that stayed with them until the 2013 election.

But for all their progress and innovation in the space, their 8-year-old logo was feeling stale in 2013. It still held a lot of brand value and recognition, but didn’t feel as contemporary as they’d like it to be.

They wanted something wearable that millions of Australians could own and rally behind. A logo that was as bold as their vision for their election campaign.

We sketched out a wide range of visual ideas, each pushing in slightly different directions. Leaving colour for the initial round, we explored minimal symbols, decorative emblems, representations of parliament, references to known election motifs, and different evolutions of the existing logo. Each acted as a conversation-starter to pin down the tone of the campaign.

After some back-and-forth we decided that a subtle evolution of the existing logo was the way to go. It was instantly recognisable but fresh. The italics gave it a good sense of energy and the updated typeface referenced its history while making it bold and modern. The swish underneath referenced the lawns at Parliament House and, combined with the angle of the flag, gave it a sense of momentum. After a few more rounds of refinement, we were there.


Parliament House photo by Russell Street, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

Turning up on the day

Even with the logo’s months-long presence across all social media posts, emails and videos, its most impressive showing was undoubtedly on election day itself. GetUp volunteers, aged from 15 to 91, outnumbered those from all other organisations or political parties. From their t-shirts to the millions of coreflutes and independent scorecards (individualised per state and hand-delivered to citizens of Australia), the brand covered polling booths across the country in a sea of orange.

From short-term graphic, to a logo with longevity

After the work done on the election campaign (and in light of the upcoming Victorian election), we saw a great opportunity to consolidate the branding work, and push GetUp’s brand forward more meaningfully.

We knew the flag was too Canberra-centred for the organisation on the whole, so we proposed a simple revision which gave the masterbrand a consistency, while allowing a little freedom to replace the exclamation mark with campaign-specific elements.


Luckily for us—and, we believe, the organisation—GetUp! agreed. The ease-of-use and positive reception of the design language used across the campaign made updating the brand permanently an easy win. And, while we didn’t get the outcome we wanted in the election, its taken them through many wins since.