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Helping a global community find its voice

In the face of government cuts to Australia’s overseas aid and development budget, ChildFund wanted to look into a new kind of sponsorship—one that moves away from the sponsorship of an individual child, towards sponsorship of entire communities. We were tasked with figuring out how to talk about it.

Letting the audience lead the way

From the outset, we wanted to take a step back and find out what everyday Australians were looking for in a sponsorship program for communities. Using Facebook ads, we were able to test a variety of program names, core language and calls to action very efficiently, with results that often challenged our initial assumptions.

The idea of ‘sponsorship’, for example, attracted the highest number of click-throughs when compared to other ways to define the audience’s engagement, despite initial internal reluctance to use that kind of terminology. By focusing on values that resonated with the core audience most, this testing method helped us refine and validate the final program name.

‘Global Community’ connected with people who care about seeing the impact of their donations—those who relish connections that simultaneously broaden experience and make the world feel more like a village.

Independent but unified

In developing the logo we had to walk that fine line between creating a strong identity in its own right while ensuring it worked seamlessly alongside the ChildFund master brand. We explored a variety of approaches (and loved expressing the ideas around Global Community in an icon) but ultimately realised that simplicity was key in maintaining the balance.

The final logo combined a hand-drawn, hopeful and slightly playful word marque with a cool palette drawn from the existing ChildFund identity. The script brings a joy and optimism to the identity, and the lighthearted feel speaks to the power of children and the presence of youth in Childfund’s work.

The identity is designed to be human, a little imperfect, and pack a whole lot of heart.

How to speak/what to say

With learnings from the testing phase, internal conversations and ongoing stakeholder engagement wrapped, we had what we needed to steer the rest of the project. First up, the communications guide.

The guide formed a comprehensive communications foundation for the program, and included key messages to help sell the unique opportunity, and rules around tone of voice to help convey the youthfulness of the brand and the freshness of the program. To round it out, we filled it with driving insights and lessons learned from the testing phase, as well as examples of how to apply the new language to communications across all print and digital media well into the future.


Smiling all the way

The big smiles and beautiful landscapes that form the program backdrops are some of its best selling points, so we wanted them to be prominent. The brand guidelines allow for plenty of room for beautiful photos in print publications, on the website and across all other materials.


We really appreciate it when we can work alongside our clients from the very beginning and, much like Global Community itself, this project was fun, collaborative, and had a real impact on the work that followed. We look forward to seeing where the communities go from here.

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