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We’re Going Postal for marriage equality

We’ve been working alongside the marriage equality campaign in Australia for a while now, but with the postal vote imminent, our team wanted to find a way to go above and beyond. So today, our team launched Going Postal. It’s an 8-bit retro runner game, and we think it’s pretty addictive.

For years, politicians have been making a game out of same-sex marriage. They’ve managed to turn a simple decision, that impacts the personal lives of a minority into a vitriolic, partisan debate.

The game they’ve played has meant that the commitment of two loving adults has become the subject of a non-binding national survey through an out-dated postal system.


We can’t change that now. All we can do, is work hard to see equality triumph.

That’s why we made Going Postal. With postage usage plummeting amongst key Marriage Equality demographics—the former CEO of Australia Post, Ahmed Fahour has said post is in “terminal and structural decline”—we wanted to make sure that in the lull between enrollment closing and ballot papers arriving Australians still had the task of voting YES for equality at the front of their mind.

Fortunately, we found some others who agreed:


The game may be silly—almost as silly as the postal vote itself—but our hope is that it plays a part in helping people remember, commit to and carry out their vote for equality.

PLay going postal

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