Greenpeace · Banking Brand

Banking on the Reef

The divestment movement acknowledges the huge influence that financial investments have on the makeup of our economy. Left unchecked, the savings of millions of customers can be unwittingly invested into the kinds of fossil fuel projects that have a direct impact on our climate.

With coral bleaching events having dire consequences for the Great Barrier Reef, the impact of climate change is being felt strongly in Australia.

Greenpeace wanted to make the hidden visible—to shine a light on the fact that major Australian banks continued to fund the expansion of fossil fuels.

But how do you do that in a way where both the message and the target are immediately recognisable? For our initial sketches, we decided to take on an iconic Australian banking brand, the Commonwealth Bank, placing the consequences of coal right into their logo.



The final set of brands focussed on coal production and reef degradation, jamming a brand and exposing the huge levels of coal investment*.


*Speaking of huge levels of coal investment.