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Personal videos and issue-based ads that helped The Greens win

Ever since we led the messaging and creative of their 2010 election campaign, we’ve done a tonne of work for The Australian Greens*. But looking back at all of the branding work, the communications strategy, the fliers, how-to-vote cards and outdoor advertisements, it’s easy to lose sight of exactly what we covered.

While the overall breadth of work is too much to cover in a single post, we thought we’d summarise one particular medium they kept coming back for time and time again: video.

Candidate profile videos

In this climate of political apathy, it’s never been more important for candidates to make sure they effectively communicate who they are and what they stand for. People want to get a sense of them as individuals before they get behind the rhetoric, and short profile videos can help to bridge that gap better than nearly any other medium.

From our rough-around-the-edges video for Adam Bandt (part of our campaign that helped him become the first Greens MP in the Lower House) to the more personal introductions to Larissa Waters and the (now) leader of the Greens, Richard Di Natale, each of the following videos helped people relate to the candidate profiled in a way that set them apart.


Sarah Hanson Young:

Larissa Waters:

Penny Wright:

Adam Bandt:

Richard Di Natale:

Fiona Byrne:

Issues and ads

The ads we worked on for The Greens covered a range of approaches and distribution methods, from the online-focused stop-motion video ‘Saving Lives at Sea’, to the shorter voter-centric ads made for TV around the country, each was designed for a specific audience and based on an understanding of how their policies cut through.


‘Saving Lives At Sea’ stop motion ad:

WA Greens TVC:

‘Inevitable’ Marriage Equality ad:

Canberra Greens TVC:


Profiling candidates and individuals in a personal way really helps to connect them with the people you’re trying to reach. If you’re interested in exploring how they can work for you, we’d love to hear from you.

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*The 2010 federal and Melbourne campaigns were delivered by Make Believe, one half of the two companies that merged to form Agency in 2013.