Amnesty · How Amnesty Works

Demystifying the link between funding and long-term action

Amnesty came to us with a membership engagement problem: how do you motivate people to fundraise when asking for donations on an immediate issue would be disingenuous? How do you make people want to invest in crucial long-term campaigns, and issues yet to come?

They needed a simple way to show how they engaged with conflict zones and Governments around the world. And they needed their members to know that by donating today they could be part of the next solution to an international crisis.

In detailed conversations with Amnesty, we uncovered a number of narrative approaches we could take before deciding to reveal a recent case study – their involvement in the Central African Republic allowing us to communicate their process clearly and powerfully. 

For the production itself we created a stop motion animation, providing the audience with an arms-length window into the tragic situation. It also allowed us to quickly switch between scales, showing both human- and international-level influence in a way that felt natural, and created obvious links between each group involved.

With stop motion we could tell a strong emotive story and still keep it general enough for people to easily imagine Amnesty’s process being applied to any situation.