Campaign for Australian Aid · Interrupt Joe

A 15,000 person one-sided conversation with the treasurer

With the Australian Federal government having already scheduled one billion dollars of cuts in the current fiscal year, another budget was on the table.

The treasurer, Joe Hockey, was writing another budget, and planned cuts to the forward estimates were imminent. The Campaign for Australian Aid rallied its members to write him, and their local MPs, with a plea to reinstate the live-saving Australian Aid budget.



An airport may have scuttled our attempts to send Joe a quick reminder, but the Campaign for Australian Aid mobilised thousands to the site, and our adverts brought traffic to the issue.

The results?

15,000 emails to Joe Hockey, and the same to his parliamentary colleagues interrupting, politely, for an important issue for many Australians. While he personally¬†couldn’t find the time for a reply, we sure had a great conversation with everyone else.