Oaktree · Live Below The Line

Designing an experiential fundraising campaign from top to bottom

The Oaktree Foundation is a movement of young people passionate about ending extreme poverty. Their fundraiser, Live Below the Line, has grown rapidly since 2010, having more than tripled in size in the following few years.

Oaktree came to Agency to help take their campaign to another level. We started from the ground up, working alongside them on strategy, messaging and design; developing campaign videos, television commercials, print work and campaign t-shirts.

We then turned our attention to the website designing out a fast and responsive user interface, that also compelling showcased their mission and dealt with some of their key barriers facing their ability to reach new members. After all, eating on just $2 a day for 5 days isn’t the most enticing offer around. (You have to give up coffee?! Sigh).



In order to cover all angles, we worked with them to develop numerous content plans over the years, making sure their audiences got the right type of communications when they needed it. From the quirky video breaking down the many approaches you could take, to the insider’s welcome pack and impact-based storytelling, the approach to communications covered all bases and was timed to inject energy at key moments.

A spoof ‘thanks’ email, with member name, photo & donations:



A selection of our videos from over the years:

In 2013 Live Below the Line raised over $2m to improve the lives of students and communities in Cambodia and take a big step forward in the fight against extreme poverty. And it’s built on that success ever since.

*No, we cannot back this up.