Micah · Name & Rebrand

Same spirit, new skin for a leading anti-poverty movement

Micah – previously known as Micah Challenge – is a movement of Australian Christians raising a powerful voice for justice and a world free from poverty.

(You might know them as the group that took a giant toilet on tour across Australia).

But Micah’s mission extends beyond giant bathroom appliances. They’re a coalition of groups and individuals who exist to gather, inspire and empower Australian Christians as advocates for people in poor communities around the world.

Micah started in 2000, when the world first signed up to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). But 15 years later, with those goals complete and the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched Micah wanted a fresh identity to campaign towards this new set of goals.

To change the name?

We worked alongside Micah to better understand the foundations of the brand, and the significance of the connection to Micah as a biblical identity. We explored their function as well, through their core values, audiences and their role as a coalition.

In exploring these elements, it was soon apparent that there already existed a strong connection to the Micah name – there is a strong connection between the message of the biblical prophet to the group’s work, and a strong brand awareness and trust amongst their intended audience. As such, we recommended that a fresh identity did not necessitate a complete change of name.

We agreed that a ‘challenge’ was time limited, and if we wanted to leverage the great achievements of the MDGs to propel Micah into a new era of campaigning we needed to let that go.

While we explored other additions to ‘Micah’ that might help to refine the name, our supporter insights showed that ‘Micah’ itself was already the preferred moniker of the organisation.

The subtle change from Micah Challenge to Micah signals the evolution of the movement, which, having met the challenge of the MDGs and contributing to a world that has halved poverty in the last 20 years, is now establishing itself to finish the job.

A call to action

While the branding was underway, we worked to compliment it with a tagline that could sit as an explainer and rallying call for Micah supporters. This was a core part of the project, as new supporters may not be aware of the history or significance of the fairly obscure ‘Micah’ name.

Working with the organisation, we established the three most important elements to portray in the brand; commitment to action, justice and coalition. We refined their mission statement to its most succinct form, which became: Australian Christians together for justice.

Given that the name, Micah, and the places in which it will be most often seen hint strongly to their Christian foundation we felt that the tagline did not need to reiterate that to the audience. So, the tagline became Together for Justice.

In order to imbue a stronger sense of purpose and action, we flipped that sentence into the imperative. This also better reflected the language of Micah 6:8, the inspiration verse for the organisation.

Micah, then, is a call for Australian Christians to ‘Do Justice Together’.

Bringing it alive online

The first big step for the new brand was to bring it to life online. We created a full styleguide for Micah to roll out their design through offline collateral, but for the brand to truly succeed it needed to live on a fully integrated, action-oriented, digital platform.


The main feature of the action pages is our integrated MP emailing tool, which we created as a plugin to enhance the Nationbuilder platform for campaigns based in Australia. This allows Micah’s supporters to take action at the moment that they’re engaged, with a quick and simple email tool.

We’re working with Micah throughout this year as part of the Campaign for Australian Aid, and we can’t wait to see how this new identity helps them accomplish the next chapter of the movement’s story!

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