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1,000s of personalised videos for the world you want to see

The UNDP and United Nations Foundation had mobilized millions around the world to action. In a unique global poll, they surveyed people on the ground and online about their priorities for the next development agenda. The challenge? Streamlining their existing online survey, and making sure to engage many more people online in the process.

We launched into many rounds of creative concepts, trying to crack that one idea that integrated perfectly into their existing systems while being unique and novel. After working through a number of prototypes—from individual dashboards to miniature world creation—we found something we thought would work across all our audiences:

An in-browser Javascript video mashup engine… Or, in plain English: personalized vote-videos.

But first up: solving our Rubik’s Comms Cube

One of the biggest hurdles when approaching an existing campaign is merging all of the previous messaging, content & brand assets together in a way that makes sense, keeps the needs of all major stakeholders in mind and leverages any existing brand value, all while (hopefully) delivering a fluid and compelling user experience.

Given that we had to keep the voting methodology as it was—capturing the user’s 6 votes, their gender, age, country and education level—the main optimization came in the introduction. The original site had multiple tiers of messaging, none of which drew you into the form, and the MyWorld brand, while necessary, simply didn’t have the value or trust of the globally recognized UN logo.


After weeks of testing hundreds of copy and image variations through Facebook ads, we refined our approach until we were really getting through to people and, more crucially, compelling them to act. With the additional data gathered through the ad results, we were also able to determine the cost per acquisition accurately, greatly assisting the paid advertising strategy.


So we’ve got a bit of data… now what?

A key part of the sharing strategy was knowing that we already had core data from every vote, but we needed to make the most of it. And we needed to create an asset that felt special whilst not getting in the way of the sharing process in any way.

To motivate sharing we created a unique video for each person who took the vote. As it was all edited in-browser, pulling in the relevant lines of copy, individuals video files and a separate music track, it was ready as soon as they completed the form, having already integrated their demographic information.




This simple framework gave the video enough narrative structure to make sure it was compelling out of the box, but the user was also given freedom to customize it if they wanted to go the extra mile.




Adding their Facebook profile picture, their name, the reasons for choosing each issue and selecting the one they found most important gave them a greater sense of ownership, and a much more personal and unique asset to share.


The streamlined UX more than doubled the online voting rate, and the video greatly increased the number of shares, with the campaign now having been seen by people across every member state of the UN.

Make Your Own Video  Outline of the 2015 SDGs