Oaktree · Oaktree Branding

A tenth-birthday rebrand for Australia's largest youth organisation against poverty.

After ten years or organising, advocating and campaigning for the end of poverty, Oaktree approached us to give them a look for the future. These young, inspired and dynamic hipsters needed a brand that showed their inclusivity, their global vision, and their journey.

Kicking off with a detailed process that mapped out a long-term strategy for the brand (including how their sub-brands would evolve to fit in over the following years), we worked through many brainstorm sessions, rounds of early explorations, internal stakeholder testing and refinement before ending on the final mark: an illustrated world.


This ‘eclipse’ logo mark feels contemporary and it open enough to be used in a variety of contexts, especially as an evolution of the previous logo, a very literal visual representation of an idea that wasn’t really being understood by their audience. It captures the broad-ranging scope of Oaktree’s work on a macro level, while its detail shows a world within, complete with well known landmarks, cities, farmland, mountains and forests. It’s a world united, under one sky, tackling global issues of poverty, climate change and injustice together.

Throughout the process we developed several mood boards and example treatments to get a real sense of the brand in practise. It’s one thing to have things looking pretty in Photoshop or Illustrator, but seeing how they interact with an organisation’s everyday pieces of communication helps to make sure it’s going to last the distance.

Last but certainly not least, we also redesigned and developed their website from the ground up. Built on NationBuilder, it pushed the platform further than many other organisations at the time, and it’s now exactly where it should be: a core part of their membership strategy.

Nationbuilder’s Case Study