World VIsion · One Goal

Using the power of football to tackle nutrition across Asia

How can football help the 217 million kids in Asia who are affected by poor nutrition? Agency worked with World Vision and the Asian Football Confederation to develop the answer.

One Goal, a campaign that brings football clubs and fans together to tackle malnutrition across the region, was born. Aiming at nutrition for every child, it set out to make sure that boys and girls get to experience good health and that they all have the chance to be champions.

Agency helped build the communications and narrative, developing them specifically for an audience who didn’t normally engage in campaigning or advocacy. Focusing on die-hard football fans, the campaign aimed to engage students, parents and coaches in something that was fun, embraced the positive spirit of the sport and tied in values of nutrition and health throughout.

Beyond our work developing the campaign strategy and messaging, we delivered the name and brand, an online platform, fliers, billboards, digital ads, photography and a television commercial and launch video filmed across India, Vietnam and Australia.