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We built a fundraising website. Then another. And another.

The hard part about fundraising shouldn’t be the website. Not these days at least. The hard part about fundraising should be getting your message heard. To convince people that of all the worthy causes out there, people should believe in yours.

And yet, despite the advances in payment technologies, connecting them to charities still requires a web developer, a designer, and a whole lot of resources to build anything yourself.

We were constantly amazed at the ingenuity of charities to pull a website together without the resources for a full website build. We’d see our friends hacking shopping carts to build peer-to-peer fundraisers, others hand-writing each receipt. Why was this necessary when, with each fundraising campaign we ran, we noticed the same features and requests kept coming up? Things had to change.

So we decided to build something reusable, a platform that would let charities create their own fundraising platforms. Raisely was born.

Partnering up with two Silicon Valley developers, we created a platform for creating fundraising websites for charities. From simple donation forms right up to profiles, teams and blogs in peer-to-peer campaigns, its’ a platform that gives you a beautiful base to build your campaign on.


Raisely scales from simple donation forms, to crowdfunding pages, to fully featured peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

Walking our first campaigns through the platform, in our first year we were able to post some great results with some incredible organisations:

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