Greenpeace · Take Another Look

Helping people take another look at the reef

In June 2015, UNESCO met to decide whether or not to list the Great Barrier Reef as endangered. With imminent threats of coal expansion, it was a unique opportunity to direct international attention to the preservation of Australia’s greatest natural wonder.

Working with Greenpeace International, Agency developed a digital campaign centered on a simple message, a video and a novel online interaction in the hope to draw support from people beyond Greenpeace’s day-to-day audience.

The campaign launched with 20 thousand petition signatures on the first day, marking a truly international effort to draw international attention to the preservation of a national icon.

The website brought together multiple Greenpeace national offices to create a truly global campaign. With each country able to control their site, language and data, supporters could easily be followed up by their local Greenpeace office for stronger targeted engagement in the future.

On June 15 UNESCO decided to put the Australian Government on probation. It ruled to monitor the reef for the next 18 months, then reassess if its World Heritage value is still under threat.

This is a further, very important confirmation that the Reef is too fragile to risk, and it’s in huge part thanks to the amazing efforts of Greenpeace supporters around the world who’ve rallied to encourage UNESCO to do the right thing.