Amnesty · The Truth About Manus

Demanding the truth about Manus

Towards the end of 2013 Amnesty visited Manus Island (Australia’s offshore processing centre for refugees) and what they discovered was shocking. The report that followed, ‘This is Breaking People‘, uncovered the degrading conditions in which refugees were forced to live in.

“In Myanmar, our lives were in danger, and here they are also in danger. At least in Myanmar we were with our families – our wives, children, brothers and sisters.”

T., a refugee from Myanmar


With no photography allowed within the processing centre Amnesty needed a way to get their message out in a compelling manner. And they needed it fast.

In two and a half days we created a one-page website that unpacks many of the tough truths facing refugees in Australia. From the amount of money wasted on the facility to the poor water quality or complete lack of hope for detainees the message was clear: it wasn’t about asylum claims, it was how you break people.


Unfortunately, the website’s largest time of impact didn’t coincide with when it was released. February 2014 brought even more horror to those in detention, with the death of Reza Berati and the 77 other asylum seekers who lay bloodied, cut and severely injured. As people around the nation tried to vent their anger they returned to Truth About Manus, using it once again to demand the Government tell the truth.

“If you want to feel a rare mix of shame, horror, disbelief and overwhelming sadness, then click”.



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