Global Alliance for Urban Crises · Think Urban

Thinking urban with an interactive microsite

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, and the Global Alliance for Urban Crises wants responses to humanitarian crises adapted to match. We set out to help them communicate that in one simplified message: it’s time to think urban.

The Alliance came to us wanting a digital experience that they could both take to the upcoming UN Habitat III conference in Quito, and use as a general communications tool in the future. A standard microsite wouldn’t cut it, they were after something that felt more custom, and engaged their audience in an interactive and compelling way. With a tight timeline and a limited budget, our challenge was set.

Humanitarian crises and the dynamics of urbanization are far from simple, yet we needed to help the Alliance convey its message in a way that was easily understood. After exploring a number of approaches, we opted to tell the narrative through the stories of several urban cities that had all been affected. Having real case studies gave people a tangible way to access the key points each of them was trying to make.


In order to keep this particular project on schedule and within their budget, we opted to use existing assets from a video the Alliance previously produced. Beyond preventing scope creep, adapting the illustrations for the microsite helped to create a sense of continuity, bringing their campaign assets together in a more unified whole.

The site’s structure was perfectly suited for the tablets used at Habitat III, and helps the experience feel richer than it otherwise would have been on other devices. The Alliance plans to use it as a key piece of their communications going forward, and believes it will really help people think urban when it comes to humanitarian crises.


“Agency was able to translate a dense and serious topic into something accessible, working with limited resources and a tight timeline. A great advocacy product.”

Mica Verendia, Global Alliance