FYA · Year in Review

Creating a stunning annual report that you don’t need to print.

In Australia, pretty much every charity or non-profit organisation needs to report on the work they’ve done each year. Most often these reports becomes long, printed documents full of text and tables that are given little more than a cursory flick through – but for FYA we wanted to do something different.

Their annual report presented an opportunity to turn a series of cold hard data points into a compelling story of achievement, and do so in a way that speaks to their audience. While the audience for this particular piece was more likely to be an adult supporter of FYA’s than one of the young Australians with whom they work, we felt that tonally the site should speak to both. (Aka, it still needed to be really, really, really ridiculously good-looking).

A range of subtle yet dynamic animations were implemented with Javascript and CSS3 on the typography and visual elements of each section. We varied these animations by altering elements like colour gradients, transitions through the different sections, and the movement of individual graphics. It was important to combine movement and graphics in a natural way that highlighted key data. We used dynamic anchor points to time these animations, which created a seamless and delightful experience for the user as they scroll down the site.

And the story is off and running; what could this small group of committed people achieve in just one year?

read the report to find out

Once we had the design & structure of the report, it was time to take things digital.

It takes a lot of thought and determination to to draw a compelling story out of a set of statistics, and it takes even more to bring it to life online. Many of the other annual reports that we had looked at focused their energy on the former, without considering how the page would translate to the multitude of screen sizes and browsers types in use today.


Base, a responsive framework developed by our digital team at Agency, gave us a robust setup so that we could dive in to tweaking the elements of the design, from text sizes to choice of images, in order to build a report that would display best on mobile and tablets. Given the different range of screen sizes and orientations compared to the design on desktop, it’s all about ensuring your designs can scale up and down as required.

We loved having the chance to work with FYA to create a flexible, beautiful report that is just as impactful as the organisation itself – and relished the challenge to try something new to showcase the achievements of another impressive year for FYA.

FYA Year In Review